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Welcome to Obsession Art Glass.

Since 1969 we have been excelling in the stained glass industry. Specializing in the art of CNC glass beveling, edging and drilling lead us into the world of waterjet technology. The results were astonishing. Chosen by Flow International, a world leader in waterjet technology, we became the first internationally certified glass job shop. Using state of the art dynamic 5 axis cutting heads Obsession Art Glass has become the world authority on cutting fragile and brittle ceramic materials.

Now we are putting our experience to work for you. Using this cutting technology Obsession Art Glass is able to cut glass pieces of any shape to a tolerance the thickness of a human hair bringing you detail like you have never seen before. Patterns are hand drawn and meticulously reviewed by our team of artists. Custom manufactured glass is used to portray each image as realistically as possible. Diverse variety of subject matter is available. Explore the endless possibilities for your business or hobby. Each stained glass kit includes the pre-cut stained glass and full size stained glass pattern. Retail Studio accounts are available for businesses (please see the Studios link above).

Today is the day you begin to see art glass in a whole new light!

Please check back as we are continuously adding new products!

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