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Since 1969 Obsession Art Glass has been excelling in the stained glass industry. As a world renowned studio  Obsession Art Glass has been specializing in high end custom products for nearly 40 years. Now we are putting our experience to work for you. Obsession Art Glass is proud to introduce it’s line of pre-cut stained glass kits.

At Obsession Art Glass perfection is not just our goal it is mandatory. Looking for the perfect pattern, the perfect color or the perfect fit you will find it with Obsession Art Glass pre-cut stained glass kits.


Our Patterns are created by our team of glass artists. After studying the subject, the artist works and reworks the pattern until they believe they have achieved the perfect image. The pattern is then presented to the other artists on our team for critique and review. After the necessary revisions have been made the pattern is again reviewed by the team and finalized for cutting. Going through this process takes time but assures the most realistic product in the end. Our patterns are made to be produced in stained glass keeping in mind the characteristics of glass cutting.


Glass is available in a variety of colors today. However, not every color that we seek is out there. Therefore, at Obsession Art Glass we have commissioned custom manufactured glass for many of our products. Over half of the colors used in our products are made exclusively for Obsession Art Glass. Hand mixing colors to our exact specifications guarantees that we get the most realistic color available. Ninety-nine percent of all glass used in our kits is manufactured in the United States, including all of our custom colors. Kits including hand painted eyes are made entirely of glass, no plastic, and are hand painted by a wildlife artist.

**** Please note that the hand mixing of glass causes variations in the color and pattern. Different lighting conditions can also have an effect on the appearance of glass (for example, transmitted light verses reflected light). Obsession Art Glass has done its best to represent the glass as accurately as possible in our photographs giving you a variety of light conditions to examine.


Using state of the art glass cutting technology we are able to cut glass pieces to a tolerance the thickness of a human hair. This type of precision provides for a “prefect fit” every time. There is never a need for grinding or re-cutting. Putting our multi-million dollar glass cutting investment to work for you instantly increases your sales while decreasing your labor.

Whether you are looking for a way to increase your sales or expand your hobby we have a kit for you. Each kit includes the cut glass, full size pattern and instructions. Just foil it, solder it and hang it up!


RETURN POLICY- Returns received in original unaltered packaging will be refunded in full minus shipping and handling. Any opened product is not returnable. Products come in a clear shrink wrapped packaging so you may inspect the kit before removing the plastic covering.

Pieces that arrive broken must be reported to Obsession Art Glass within 24 hours of delivery with NO EXCEPTIONS. Pieces broken in shipping and reported within 24 hours will be replaced with no charge.

Pieces that are damaged or broken while completing the kit can be reordered for a charge of $5.00 per piece (shipping is included).

All of the information we need to replace a piece is included on the pattern. The pattern included with your kit is numbered. We will need to know the SKU number and name of the kit as well as the number of the broken piece to provide a replacement.

SHIPPING INFO- Our products are available for shipping within the Continental United States ONLY. Products ship within 3-5 business days after an order has been placed. All kits ship via Fed Ex Ground service. A tracking number will be emailed after your order has shipped. If you are purchasing only a pattern it will ship from United States Postal Service via regular mail service.
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Please remember that this is our business as well as our passion. We hope you will understand this and continue to support our efforts so we can continue to bring you stained glass like you have never seen it before.